Industry Solutions

Comprehensively implement the lean production mode make us within high efficiency,low cost and produce high quality products.

Fluid control industry

Our pneumatic components aluminum die-casting parts mainly serve the world-renowned fluid automation solutions providers such as ASCO NUMATICS, TIMMER, and SIRAI, relying on Shenghong's industry-leading processing technology and strict quality. Control, lean production management model for customers to quickly deliver high quality products.


Explosion-proof component,dedust valve Industry

Motorcycle and ATV accessories aluminum alloy die-casting products are the projects that Shenghong Machinery has been focusing on. Especially the high-end motorcycle and ATV manufacturers have very high requirements for their engine die-casting parts. Shenghong has 50 years of industry experience and has domestic The first-class aluminum alloy die-casting technology and production capacity can fully meet any customer requirements.


Auto Industry

Auto parts aluminum alloy die-casting products are also the projects that Shenghong Machinery has been focusing on. The aluminum alloy die-casting parts for automotive parts are core components and the requirements are also very high. As a national high-tech enterprise in china, Shenghong is committed to providing customers with first-class industry. Aluminum alloy die casting solution. It can fully meet the requirements of high-quality automotive industry customers for aluminum alloy die-casting products of auto parts! And to deliver high quality products to customers quickly.


Agricultural Machinery Industry

The company's right angle gearbox and High Unloading Grain Series are mainly used in agricultural machinery. Our supporting Zoomlion which is a global high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating construction machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery and financial services. Shenghong has repeatedly won its annual excellent supplier.


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